Domain Names

Registering, renewing, and transferring domains can be an extremely difficult process. That’s why at The Hawkesbury Geek, we provide your total solution to keep things as simple as possible.

This is why we’ve made domain name register and renewal as simple, straightforward, and affordable as it should be.

Renewing Domain Names

Domain name renewal is simple and inexpensive when you choose to work with The Hawkesbury Geek. In fact, renewing your domain name should be just as simple, if not simpler, than registering it in the first place.

Avoid unnecessarily high fees and instead, choose the local service designed to work specifically for your home office or small business.

Transferring Your Domain Name

When you choose to transfer your domain name to The Hawkesbury Geek, the process is simple.

All that is needed to initiate the transfer is the EPP Key or Domain Password, either which can be easily obtained from your existing domain supplier.

Once you have this information, transferring the domain is as simple as pushing a button. It is important to note that domain names that are free to transfer will not add additional time to the registration period whereas domains that do cost a fee will add an additional year to the expiration date of your current domain.

Understanding Specific .au Domain Requirements

The Hawkesbury Geek is your local expert for all domain requirements in Australia. This means that we can help guide you through the information needed to be eligible for certain domain registrations within the country, making domain registration simpler than ever before.

Please feel free to refer to auDA’s current policy at if you would like further information regarding these requirements.

Domain Name Services Made Simple

When you’re ready to stop overpaying for your home office or small company’s domain name services, The Hawkesbury Geek can help.

Our company is your local professional for all things domain-related. Give us a call at 0418 712 632 or fill out our contact form to finally get the services you need at pricing that makes sense for you.

Domain Name Pricing

Our company’s primary goal is to make your IT and technical support services efficient, reliable, and affordable. Please refer to our pricing below to understand how we keep your domain name services quick, simple, and budget-friendly.